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Hey, I stumbled upon this site and I’m curious. Who are you?

Hello! My name is Gabriel Machado Pureza. I’m a brazilian journalist that is very passionate about games. I play them since I was 4 and I used to read game magazines all the time in my childhood (there was no internet back then, folks), so I always kinda liked the idea of having a game site, but never truly considered it until a friend came up with the idea some time ago. I was finishing college by then and was very busy, so I never really had the time to invest in it. This year, though, I’m graduated and unemployed for the time being, so I decided to give it a shot. Heck, maybe it’ll even look good in my portfolio.

Ok. Cool. And why are you a duck? Worse, an angry duck?

Well, it’s because of the avatar picture of my Twitter profile (which I won’t be linking, since all I do is complain all the time in portuguese), that is a baby duck. I choose it because I really love how angry he looks. I’ve been called a duck in that site so often I kinda got attached to the persona. That said, you can expect some anger in the reviews and analysis, but this site will totally not be focused in games about ducks. Be warned!

Ok, Mr. Duck Guy, I get it (though I’m sad because I was really expecting real ducks), but if you are brazilian, why are you writing in english?

Well, to get a broader audience, really. It was a very tough decision, since the idea was initially to do a brazilian site, but most of the games I’ll cover will be in english anyway, so I guess the major part of my readers will be able to read in english too.

Sure, sure, you do like to talk about yourself, but what’s this site about anyway?

It’s pretty easy to find news and content about mainstream games. Most game journalists, for instance, cover games like Mass Effect, Battlefield, Assassin’s Creed and FIFA to exaustion. However, it’s very hard to find good news sites that cover non-AAA and indie games and when they do that, they either focus completely in a niche (like CRPGs, for instance) or indie games in general. What I’m aiming to do here is give a qualified journalistic coverage to games that aren’t necessarily AAA. The site will be more focused in genres that I like the most, like RPGs, but won’t be genre-exclusive. Sometimes, I’ll even talk about AAA games sometimes, but generally with a vision that differs from mainstream media (basically, criticising them a lot, which I just love to do).

Seems like a lot of work. Will you be working alone in the site?

Mostly, yeah. I will occasionally invite collaborators (which I hope will exist in the future) to write analysis and reviews, but I’ll be writing most of the news.

Very interesting. So… I have a huge pile of money and I’m interested in sharing some of it with you if you work for me. Can I see your portfolio or something like that?

Sure! I love money and I really need it to eat and stuff, contact me anytime! My portfolio can be found here (it is in portuguese, as most of my non-game related journalistic work and contractors are is in Brazil) and you can always send me and email or contact me through this site and social media (links above).