Have you ever heard of Daggerfall Unity? The game is an ambitious project to remake the classic Daggerfall in the Unity engine. Daggerfall was an ambitious game released by Bethesda in 1996. It had a really huge world, but it was also a bug-ridden fest, containing many game-breaking bugs. The central idea of this project is to rebuild the game in a higher resolution while fixing all the bugs it could in the process. The project is led by Gavin Clayton.

The project has been around for a while. It started in 2014 and the 0.4 version was finally released this week. You can see the roadmap of the development of the game here. Even if the game is in a playable state now, Daggerfall Unity still has a long way to go until it’s done. The next thing the team will work on is the magic system, which they hope can be done faster than the main story.


Hardcore players would surely be more interested in the cleaning of the bugs, but the remake also looks amazing. You can see original gameplay and gameplay in Unity bellow:

If you are interested in this nostalgia trip, you can download the game and read the instructions here.