War. War never changes. IPs, unfortunately, do. Fallout 3 was a disappointment to a lot of long time Fallout fans, as Bethesda took a real hardcore RPG full of agency and choices and turned it into Oblivion with guns. For all of those whose heart was broken by the inexistence of a real Fallout 3, good news! Fallout: Nevada, a russian total conversion mod of Fallout 2, was translated to english. You can download the translation here.

The Fallout: Nevada project began in 2009 and finished in 2015. The original author left the project after its completion, so it remained untranslated to english. The translation work was done by members of the No Mutants Allowed forum. For those who don’t know it, the forum is known for its love for the classic games (and hatred for the new ones). The translation was possible because of the efforts of Dionis, a russian Fallout fan that posted in the forum that he was angry that there were so many russians in the site and nobody would organize and translate the mod until the end (many groups tried and gave up midway). It took almost a year, but they did it.

The game is set before the first Fallout, although it continues in the themes and story of Fallout 2. It’s set in the region of Nevada and Utah and promises 12 big locations and more than a hundred quests, mostly in a Fallout classic way, so you can do them the way you want.

Last year another total conversion mod of Fallout 2 was translated: Fallout 1.5: Resurrection. It was a Czech mod released in 2013 that attempted to make a story between the two first Fallout games set in New Mexico.