Have you always dreamed about playing an RPG about tabletop RPGs? Look no further than Galaxy of Pen and Paper, a game developed by Behold Studios, the brazilian studio that created Chroma Squad.

The story is set in the year of 1999, when a group of tabletop RPG players decide to start an RPG campaign in space a thousand years in the future. From there, a space adventure begins (in their imagination). You create your party of adventurers, customize your game master and start to play.


The combat is turn based and can be fought with your characters or inside your spaceship. While there’s no walking in the game, you can explore different planets through a navigational map. Most of the game is decided by combat or binary choices and every action, like in tabletop RPGs, is based in dice rolls, so you can expect twists and failures in your way.

Galaxy of Pen and Paper was released today in Steam and can be bought for US$ 15.