Tower of Time is an action RPG focused in exploration and tactical combat. The game is the debut of Event Horizon studio, founded in 2016, and is going to be released in Early Access in July 13th.

The story revolves around the mysterious Tower of Time. The world was once beautiful, but a mysterious event caused a cataclysm that destroyed it and left it in ruins. In this wretched place, you’ll play as an adventurer that, as a young boy,  found the Tower of Time and have been drawn to it since then. The game begins when you decide to lead an expedition inside the Tower to discover its secrets.

The game promises hand crafted exploration and plenty of lore to be found. Little by little, you’ll discover secrets in hidden chambers and passages. Inside the Tower, you’ll also find NPCs to chat and enemies to defeat. The combat will be in real time, with the option to slow down the time, which is supposed to make for more tactical combat. The encounters are said to be hand crafted, too, so don’t expect trash mobs.


Character progression will be made in an interesting way. Battles will give no experience, existing only to be obstacules to be surpassed. “Experience” will be found in the form of lore inside the tower and will be used to unlock new abilities. Also, you’ll find new recipes and craft equipment that will ofer new abilities as regeneration of life or immunities, which are supposed to change your strategies in combat.

The game will have approximately 8-10 hours of content divided in four levels in EA, plus optional combat challenges. The final version of the game is supposed to have between 20-30 hours, depending in how much the player wants to explore and read de lore.