Hello! It’s been more than one month that Angry Duck Gamer is online and I’ve received a lot of feedback so far, so I’d like to share a bit of it with my readers. While I got a lot of positive feedback about some articles like the review of Pillars of Eternity, my Ultima IV article and, surprinsingly, my report about Rain of Reflections, some sections and articles weren’t received so well. My article about BioWare received a lot of complaints (some of them very spot on) and some news and my Short Indie Games section were very unpopular, as some articles got more than 20 times their number of views.

This first month was a valuable time for evaluating my priorities with Angry Duck Gamer and to learn what worked and what didn’t. So, I want to change some things to make the site better. Here it goes:

1. I’m a journalist, so my first idea was to make a news site. The problem is that I’m only one person with no resources to have other journalists with me and obligations outside of Angry Duck Gamer, as this is a non-profit site. Not being focused in AAA games makes much harder to write reports that are really useful, as some games I wrote about like The End is Nigh and Agony are pretty well known and the people who might like them probably know about them already. It is hard to compete with big news sites and social media, so I’ll focus instead in little gems that receive almost no attention like Rain of Reflections or Ealdorlight. This will probably means less news, but hopefully more relevant ones.

2. Better articles. Some time after I published my article about BioWare’s history, I saw that I really could have done better. The article lacks sources and should have been more detailed. It is easy to find shallow articles about gaming companies, so the really complete and interesting ones will be the ones with real value. I am decided to make better articles in the future, especially if they are about such complex subjects.

3. Short Indie Games is done. This section wasn’t very well thought and nobody reads it anyway. I tried to make a column about unknown little games, but the general public seems uninsterested. I’ll be modifying this section to make it more about cool games that I know and will make more complete posts about them. It’ll be like short reviews, as my reviews tend to be in-depth analysis.

That’s all for today, folks. I’m really grateful for everyone that likes Angry Duck Gamer and I’m decided to make the best content possible, instead of more content just for the sake of having it. I want this site to be recognized for its quality, not quantity of meaningless posts. I’ll be travelling to another state tomorrow, but I’ll come back next week to make the changes in the site. See ya!